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FAQ: Landscape Lighting

Low voltage / Line voltage systems
Low voltage systems are easy to install. Low voltage cable does not need to run through conduit, it can be installed in a shallow trench or run on the surface. With the use of low voltage cabling the risk of electrical shock is eliminated. Line voltage systems are more complicated. The installation should be done by a qualified electrician.

How do I determine the correct size for my low voltage lighting transformer?
The size of the transformer is determined by the quantity and wattage of the lights used. Example: 12 lights at 24.4 watts would give you a total wattage of 292.8 which would require a 300 watt transformer. Do Not exceed the maximum wattage capacity of the transformer.

How do I minimize voltage drop?
Minimize the distance between the transformer and the first light fixture; the shorter the overall run, the less voltage drop will occur. Using a heavier gauge cable on a longer run will also help reduce voltage drop. A higher rated transformer could also be used.